Beauty, The Media, Transparency & The Road To Happy

I just saw the most amazing snippet of a documentary called Killing Me Softly 4. Jean Kilbourne spoke so articulately on the media, the depiction of beauty, how unrealistic it is and the pressure it creates to attain such beauty which always ends in feelings of disappointment and guilt when we fall short of the unattainable standards of beauty.

Read my thoughts on this subject and how that leads to health and the relationship we have with health here.
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Love and light.
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Seeing past the clusterfluck…

This blog is about healing. Healing comes in all forms and from pretty much anything. My reason for writing is to share ways that we can heal ourselves from the inside out. I love food, it is safe to say that food is my thing. I love how simple it can be to heal ourselves just with food alone. The majority of entries you will see here will be about food, but I will also be sharing thoughts, pieces of my own journey, inspiring pieces from others and anything else that may be healing in some way shape or form. With that said… 



Someone told me that this year has been one of clusterfucked magnitude… If I were to pick a word it would be chaotic. Scratch that, evolutionary or metamorphosing. This year has literally quaked the earth underneath me, shook me at my core and exhumed all of the fears, the insecurities, the baggage and other ugly bits and pieces that I would have rather kept hidden in the shadows somewhere. This year has been about surrendering to the process – opening myself – being my truth, whatever that truth may be. It has also been about purging and shedding – letting parts of me die so other parts can grow. This year has been about change. Letting go – releasing. Being. Love. Breathing. Communicating with self, with spirit and above all, healing. The most profound, life changing healing possible.

Throughout this process it’s been difficult for me to stay put and lay roots down. Those who know me well know that my go to move is to find an exciting opportunity overseas, pack up and move far far away. This time around I’ve dug my heels in and faced my fears, my demons and all of the not so pretty shit along with everything else that encourages the need to flee in the first place. I’ve focused on rebuilding relationships – rebuilding my relationship with myself primarily, and although at times I’ve been this close (literally this close *squeezes fingers in front of her eye*) to throwing in the towel and buggering off to some enchanting magical country, I haven’t. At first, the changes were everywhere and nowhere all at the same time – adding to the chaos probably, but over the past few months I’ve been seeing things differently. Things are coming together. Things make sense. I feel as though I know more of what I’m doing now (although that feeling comes and goes lol).

We all have our own paths. With all of the vices we have access to these days we’re sometimes distracted by other fabulous instapics from the paths of others. Snippets from across the fence. Everything is what it appears to be yet nothing is as it appears to be (think about it…).

Our paths are just that – ours. Ours to figure out and develop, ours to travel along.

Throughout I think it’s essential to remember the importance, the necessity of our own personal truth – our own personal story and loving it in it’s entirety – regardless.

(Also remembering while browsing those instasnippets from across the fence that they are snippets and not the full story in all it’s glory. That’s usually why those snippets are so damn green and beautiful!)

… this story is to be continued…

Sending out oodles of love, light and magical fairy dust!

Sending out oodles of love, light and magical fairy dust!

From my soul to the bowl… The beginings of a brand new chapter.

It’s been quite the journey this year. Figuring out what it is that makes my soul sing and choosing that to be my source of income while laying roots in Toronto and building the foundations of my empire… Yeah, it’s been quite the year *smiles*.

There has been an awful lot of clearing out over the past few months (has anyone else out there been feeling that too?) situations have come up giving an opportunity to air and heal, relationships have ended or evolved, paths have culminated and it’s all been rather overwhelming. One thing I’ve realized is that in order for magnificent new things to come into your life and grow, things that no longer serve a purpose have to be cleared out…

With that said I came across an opportunity to spend some time in the local Coop in my neighbourhood in Parkdale, Toronto. I have loved this store since I moved here 6 months ago and I remember asking the Universe for an opportunity to work there. Ask and you shall receive right?!

Curried Pumpkin Soup
On my first day, excited as excited can be, I ran to the West End Food Coop in the rain. After a brief orientation Sonia, the kitchen manager gave me some seasonal vegetables and asked me to make a soup. She offered a couple of recipes to refer to if I needed, pointed to the spices and said to ask if I needed anything else. I stood there for a moment thinking “is this woman really going to let me do my thing?!” she did exactly that! I even asked her because I couldn’t swallow that this awesome lady was going to let me do my thing in her kitchen. Sonia said that she got a sense that I knew what I was doing and she wanted to let me create. How awesome is that?! The next thing I knew I was chopping and dicing, peeling and preparing locally farmed, organic produce to create a seasonal soup for the community and I have never felt so alive! Connecting to the food, thanking it for what it was doing and the goodness it was going to provide, using my intention and being present in the process. Giving myself to the process as I sautéed and stirred, smelled and sampled.

Cooking Creations

Curried Pumpkin & Roasted Apple Soup

You know those moments when you know that THIS is what you’re meant to be doing with your life? This was it. I don’t recall a time that I’ve felt more connected, happy, in sync – with myself and my purpose. I am here to create and heal, nourish and nurture!

I almost cried when Lina, a beautiful resident of Parkdale came into the store and immediately approached the kitchen asking me what that wonderful smell was. I smiled and told her that it was pumpkin soup but it wasn’t going to be ready for another couple of hours. She told me that she’d be back and she was. Lina was my first customer. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. Friends have been telling me that I need to cook for the people. A dear friend of mine says (enter Jamaican accent) “Clare, people need to be eating your food”. Now they are. And it means the world to me that I am able to do this and that people are enjoying my creations. It is incredibly inspiring.

So! This is the beginning of huge things to come! I can feel it in my bones, scratch that! I can feel it in my soul! And what a beautiful feeling it is!

To Sonia, thank you for allowing me and trusting me to create freely! To those who responded with love and support to my story, thank you a billion times over! And to those who are taking the time to read my story, thank you to you too!

I am filled to the brim with love and gratitude 

And I’m sending it on to you!