Wintertime Makes More Reasons To Juice!

Celery, Apples, Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Garlic and Beets. Yum! @love_ur_insides

Celery, Apples, Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Garlic and Beets. Yum! @love_ur_insides

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, all of the reasons to juice! How fabulous juicing is! There are definitely many reasons to juice! It’s like an injection of energy and vitamins! I love it!

Since it’s winter time (YAY!) that also means that some of you might have a tendency to get sick. Did you know the whole of winter is known as a cold and flu season, not only when the seasons change?

There are many ways to help build up your immune system naturally. Juicing can give you a concentrated glass of goodness to help you with that. Here are a couple of tips to help you along with knowing what to juice to help our body to protect itself.

Garlic: It doesn’t just ward off vampires! Garlic is packed with anti-septic, anti-fungal and nutritional properties which will help you to fight bacterial and viral infections. Garlic is dense in B1, B6, vitamin C and iron too. You can put garlic in your juices, one clove in 2/3 of a litre of juice will go undetected, any more than that and you’ll have a slight tinge of garlic on your tastebuds. The juice itself will do wonders for your insides. It’s well worth tasting for a few seconds.

Ginger: There are many many traditions that swear by ginger in the diet. It is known to clear out toxins in the organs, particularly the lungs. It also warms the body. Making ginger tea excellent during winter. Add ginger to your meals and also your juices!

Oregano oil: Not only is it excellent for your gut, it is also a wonderful immune booster.

Broccoli, dandelion leaves, lime, ginger, garlic, pineapple and kiwi. Delish!!  @love_ur_insides

Broccoli, dandelion leaves, lime, ginger, garlic, pineapple and kiwi. Delish!!

Cruciferous veggies: Also known as super vegetables, they are members of the cabbage family. These vegetables in particular help the liver to flush out toxins therefore supporting immune function. Members of this family include kale, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and brussels sprouts. Yum!

Vitamin C: A natural antioxidant, it can also act as a natural antihistamine if you do catch a cold. You can find vitamin C in many fruits and veggies, in garlic too. Some vitamin C rich foods include Kale and dark leafy greens, black currants, broccoli, chillies, kiwi fruits and strawberries.

This one might not be great for the juicer but it’s an excellent addition to your diet. Japanese mushrooms: Oyster, shiitake or enoki, Japanese mushrooms contain a very powerful anti oxidant called ergothioneine.

Happy happy juicing beautiful readers! I hope this helps you to stay warm and flu free this season!
Sending out oodles of love and light.
C. xox


Get Up! Dance! Be Happy!

Movement is monumental for our bodies. It not only helps you to physically feel your best and look your best but it shakes up your energy so that you can feel your best on the inside too. I recently came across this link and I wanted to share it with you awesome beauti-filled beings because it is so incredibly uplifting! I challenge you to watch it for 10 minutes and see if you’re not up and dancing! I can barely stay in my seat to finish writing this blog!

There is a 24 hour video which is really cool too! It gives you the music video for whatever time of day it is. I’ve been using it as my get ready ritual music for the past week and the energy keeps going with me all day!

Get up!


Be Happy!


Sending out oodles of love, tail-feather shaking, and happy rainbow beams to every one of you!

Catch and pass it on!

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Seeing past the clusterfluck…

This blog is about healing. Healing comes in all forms and from pretty much anything. My reason for writing is to share ways that we can heal ourselves from the inside out. I love food, it is safe to say that food is my thing. I love how simple it can be to heal ourselves just with food alone. The majority of entries you will see here will be about food, but I will also be sharing thoughts, pieces of my own journey, inspiring pieces from others and anything else that may be healing in some way shape or form. With that said… 



Someone told me that this year has been one of clusterfucked magnitude… If I were to pick a word it would be chaotic. Scratch that, evolutionary or metamorphosing. This year has literally quaked the earth underneath me, shook me at my core and exhumed all of the fears, the insecurities, the baggage and other ugly bits and pieces that I would have rather kept hidden in the shadows somewhere. This year has been about surrendering to the process – opening myself – being my truth, whatever that truth may be. It has also been about purging and shedding – letting parts of me die so other parts can grow. This year has been about change. Letting go – releasing. Being. Love. Breathing. Communicating with self, with spirit and above all, healing. The most profound, life changing healing possible.

Throughout this process it’s been difficult for me to stay put and lay roots down. Those who know me well know that my go to move is to find an exciting opportunity overseas, pack up and move far far away. This time around I’ve dug my heels in and faced my fears, my demons and all of the not so pretty shit along with everything else that encourages the need to flee in the first place. I’ve focused on rebuilding relationships – rebuilding my relationship with myself primarily, and although at times I’ve been this close (literally this close *squeezes fingers in front of her eye*) to throwing in the towel and buggering off to some enchanting magical country, I haven’t. At first, the changes were everywhere and nowhere all at the same time – adding to the chaos probably, but over the past few months I’ve been seeing things differently. Things are coming together. Things make sense. I feel as though I know more of what I’m doing now (although that feeling comes and goes lol).

We all have our own paths. With all of the vices we have access to these days we’re sometimes distracted by other fabulous instapics from the paths of others. Snippets from across the fence. Everything is what it appears to be yet nothing is as it appears to be (think about it…).

Our paths are just that – ours. Ours to figure out and develop, ours to travel along.

Throughout I think it’s essential to remember the importance, the necessity of our own personal truth – our own personal story and loving it in it’s entirety – regardless.

(Also remembering while browsing those instasnippets from across the fence that they are snippets and not the full story in all it’s glory. That’s usually why those snippets are so damn green and beautiful!)

… this story is to be continued…

Sending out oodles of love, light and magical fairy dust!

Sending out oodles of love, light and magical fairy dust!

Where do your eggs come from?

I’ve recently done some research about eggs. I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love brunch and creating scrumptious breakfasts and eggs are a huge part of that for me. I think it’s important that people know the differences between eggs that we can buy.

Here’s the low-down on the many options of eggs out there:Eggs

Commercial Eggs: These eggs are from caged hens, who may have had their beaks removed. The hens  are fed feed that can contain animal byproducts and the food may have been produced with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. The hens are also fed antibiotics on a routine basis.

Vegetarian Eggs: Eggs from hens that are fed an all vegetarian diet. This speaks nothing about their cages or whether they are able to roam free.

Organic Eggs: Eggs produced by hens that are raised without the use of hormones and given food produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. In order for a product to be certified organic, it must meet the organic standards of the country (USDA in the States and AAFC in Canada). Organic hens are not kept in cages and they are able to have access to the outdoors.

Cage-Free: Eggs laid by hens that are not kept in cages. Cage free hens are usually kept indoors in a hen house or other large facility. They are allowed to roam freely and have free access to food and water. Their feed may contain chemicals or animal byproducts, they may be given antibiotics and hormones.

Free-Range: Free-range hens are raised outdoors without the use of cages. The hens are allowed to forage for insects and other food in addition to any feed given to them. Again, their living quarters does not speak for what feed they are given, the chemicals in the feed or the antibiotics or hormones they may be given.

Note: Vegetarian or antibiotic free eggs are not made to abide by the same rigid rules as organic eggs are. The USDA in the States and the AAFC in Canada regulate what it takes to be organic and so if it does not say organic on the label don’t assume that vegetarian, natural or antibiotic free is just as good.

It is important that we look into the food that we are eating, especially those of us who are living in places that aren’t so rural. It is equally important to read the labels and research the companies that we are buying from. In Toronto, I purchase my eggs from Rowe Farms. Their produce and their farming philosophies speak for themselves (no, I am not endorsed by them. I just love their eggs).

In anything, especially the health of you and your loved ones, it is really important to be informed about what it is that you’re consuming, from skin products to house-ware items down to the eggs you have with breakfast (or brunch in my case). The more informed we are, the better choices we are able to make for our health, the environment and our future.

Love and light beautiful ones!