Beauty, The Media, Transparency & The Road To Happy

I just saw the most amazing snippet of a documentary called Killing Me Softly 4. Jean Kilbourne spoke so articulately on the media, the depiction of beauty, how unrealistic it is and the pressure it creates to attain such beauty which always ends in feelings of disappointment and guilt when we fall short of the unattainable standards of beauty.

Read my thoughts on this subject and how that leads to health and the relationship we have with health here.
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We’re Moving!

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Oat Bran and Funky Fried Bananas

Funky Fried Bananas for Breakfast!

Funky Fried Bananas for Breakfast!

Conversations about the winter recently have lead to many people telling me they’re “over it”. As much as I get all excited about the first snowfall and as much as the peace and quiet, the sunrise over snow and the beauty of it all still make me stop and admire the wonders of nature, I too am looking forward to days where I can wear minimal layers and basque in the sunshine.

That being said, we still have a little way to go so I’m looking for ways to jazz things up a little.

I started with breakfast. Oat bran is one of my favourites during the winter, it’s a very simple dish to make and the list of things to do with it are endless. This recipe came out of needing to use up some bananas and a craving for nutmeg…. Continue reading at